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Temperature Field Measurement

SEI Europe Cooperation

We are the exclusive partner of the SEI Europe for installation and service of the unique acoustic pyrometers BOILERWATCH allowing online measurement of temperature field in combustion chambers, furnaces and duct systems.

Acoustic pyrometer BOILERWATCH® MMP II is a product of SEI (Nevada, USA); the SEI Europe represents it in Europe. It is an excellent industrial instrument that provides fully automatic measurement of high temperatures (up to 1650°C), allowing monitoring of combustion and thermal processes in the furnaces and boilers. Acoustic transmitters/receivers are installed outside the walls of heating equipment and the acoustic signal is periodically sent by the gas stream to opposite receivers. The system is able to compile an image of temperature field from known mutual geometry and time.

The BOILERWATCH® MMP II System is available in many configurations from 2 to 24 trajectories. Measurement result can be information about the average temperature at the interface between two transmitters or 2D image of the temperature field. The system features advanced software that allows adjustment of boundary conditions for selected sectors of the temperature field and many other user features.

The equipment is designed for boilers, incineration plant, power plants, cement plants and refineries.

Utilization of BOILERWATCH® MMP II

• Acoustic pyrometers are particularly useful for larger facilities with multiple burners and combustion air input - larger facilities tend to have more unequal temperature field and it is possible to optimize the temperature field or detect the failure of a device by controlling the burners and air input.

• Very important is also the use of acoustic pyrometers in case of the equipment operating status changes especially when starting-up and shutting-down. Adjusting the speed and method of start-up can have significant economic impact.

• It is important to know the temperature field when the boiler is operated with other than the designed fuel, fuel with unstable parameters or if combining multiple fuels (e.g. adding biomass). Without information about the temperature field, it is not possible to burn with high efficiency, to protect the boiler and respect established emissions.

• Acoustic pyrometers are also important in case of the development of new facilities, the transfer tests, trial runs, or during the guarantee period.

Benefits of BOILERWATCH® MMP II installation

• Uniform temperature field - removing places with too high or too low temperature

• High combustion efficiency

• Lower emissions

• Increased service life of heating equipment

• Lower maintenance costs

• Shorter downtime because of cleaning